Anna Deavere Smith

Appeared in 2014


Anna Deavere Smith, award winning actress/playwright, is most recognized for her roles in Nurse Jackie, The West Wing, The American President, Rachel Getting Married, Philadelphia, and others.  She has authored Letters to A Young Artist and Talk to Me: Listening Between the Lines, and has been hailed by Newsweek as “the most exciting individual in American theater.”  Deavere Smith uses solo performance as a public medium to explore issues of race, identity and community in America.  She has created over 15 one-person shows based on hundreds of interviews, most of which deal with social issues. Her most recent one-person show Let Me Down Easy, focused on health care in the US. Three of her plays have been broadcast on American Playhouse and Great Performances (PBS).

She will present “Reclaiming Grace in the Face of Adversity.”


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